Morbid Fire Over Hamburg

As we promised earlier there will be more shows next year so here’s the first announcement! We are joining forces with infamous WARLUST on two shows right at the beginning of 2020 to celebrate the release of their new album. Second show to be announced soon.

Don’t miss this pure HEAVY METAL INFERNO in the north!! Blasphemic assault!

Further news regarding the upcoming album and live shows will follow!

Last show 2019

We are proud to announce our involvement in the 10 years anniversary of Intöxicated. This will be our last show in 2019!

Live 2019

Our first show for 2019 has been announced. Together with INSULTER and HEXENIZER, we will return to Ulm, the city where POISON and TYRANT once were up to mischief. This is one of the very few chances for seeing us live during the next months.

Walls of darkness will entomb you!!

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